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We are driven by creativity. We create innovative things to help you
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About Us

For over 8 years we have been developing digital solutions for companies looking to gain better visibility on the internet.


Everything we do has the commitment of a well trained and motivated team.


Focused on results we seek to raise the level of our customers.

android app development company

Our Work Process

We have already built amazing things for our customers.


and Requirements


Analysis and Design


Programming and Construction


Testing, Implementation and Training

Our Strengths

We have already built amazing things for our customers.


UI-UX Design

We ourselves use many applications & softwares & understand user journeys

android app development company


We seek to obtain something innovative from programming languages

android app development company

Actual Communication

We Listen, Adopt & Improvise for better communicating products

android app development company

Technologies We Leverage

Discuss & Choose the best one of the following that suits your business requirements & budget

Mobile Frontend

  • Native (Java/Kotlin)
  • Xamarin Native C
  • Xamarin Forms for Android
  • Cordova/PhoneGap
  • React Native
  • Python

Operating System

  • Android OS

SDKs/Tools/ Framework

  • Android Studio
  • Google Fit SDK
  • Google Assistant SDK
  • OpenGL
  • Android Auto
  • Django/NumPy


  • Google Assistant
  • Google VR
  • Machine Learning (ML Kit)
  • Firebase
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Cloud
  • TensorFlow


We have already built amazing things for our customers.

Will we sign an NDA to keep my Android app idea confidential?

Yes. We always sign an NDA the moment we get an app idea. The process is done even before we get on the first call with our clients.

How do you allocate the resources for my app development in Android?

We have several SMEs in our development and business analysis team. So, will start with looking into your app idea – the sector it belongs to and the technology stack it needs – and then allocate the best suited SME who has experience in your chosen industry.

Which tools and technologies do you use?

There is a long list of latest technology in Android development solutions that tend to be every Android developers’ favorites. Here is the list of those tools –

  • Android Studio
  • AVD Manager
  • ADB (Android Debug Bridge)
  • Eclipse
  • Fabric
  • Genymotion
  • GameMaker: Studio
  • Gradle
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • Instabug
  • LeakCanary

Will you assist me to upload my Android app on the Play Store?

Yes. In fact, we take the complete responsibility of publishing an app on the Play Store on ourselves. It is a part of our end-to-end Android app development solution offering

Will I be getting any support after project completion?

Yes, we offer in-depth post app launch maintenance support to our clients. Under which, we look into design update requirements, UAT, version updates, etc. We have a free 6 months maintenance policy imbibed in our service set. Talk to our business analysts to get the details.

How much does it cost to make an Android App?

Android app development cost usually varies from $10,000 to $100,000 depending on a number of factors such as app’s features, technology set, team size, location of the agency, etc

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